Face your stuff,
don't stuff your face!

Health is not a size,
it's a feeling.

Your worth is not measured
by a number on the scales

Hello Beautiful Human!

Caroline Power is a Nutritional Hypnotherapist specialising in emotional, compulsive or binge eating as well as any eating disorders, body image and weight release.

Her mission is to empower women and girls to no longer tie self love to food.

Knowing it’s not about what you eat but why you eat, Caroline is a food rebel and her passion is helping people achieve health WITHOUT letting go of their favourite foods – working through the mind-body connection, getting through any limiting beliefs and the right mindset.

Remembering always that “health is not a size, it’s a feeling”.

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Why Getting Back On The Wagon Again Won’t Help You Lose Weight

Have you ever fallen off the wagon when it comes to dieting? You’re not the only one. Millions of people have gone on a diet and then failed. But what you might not realise is that getting back on the wagon after failing at your diet won’t help you to lose weight. In fact, it might set you up for ongoing failure. Let’s look at why. The problem is being…

The Big Problem With ‘Everything In Moderation’

You’ll often hear nutritionists, dietitians and health experts saying, ‘everything in moderation is good for the soul’. Sure, that’s a great idea. But there is one big problem I have with the approach of recommending ‘everything in moderation’. What is moderation anyway? The health experts love to advocate for moderation as opposed to restriction. And don’t get me wrong – I am completely opposed to the approach of restricting foods…

Disordered Eating Or Eating Disorder? Here’s How To Tell

Many of us have suffered from some form of disordered eating over our lifetime. But when you have kids, it’s natural to feel concerned about their relationship with food. But how can you tell whether your kid is just having a bad food day, or if they are hiding an eating disorder? What is the difference between disordered eating and an eating disorder? Let’s take a closer look. What is…

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